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Website and app design


Platform to help international students to move to a new city by connecting them to a local.

Uw Zorgbemiddelaar

Website for an intermediary company to find jobs in the healthcare sector.


App to stimulate the use of public transport using gamification.

Mirai Skin

App that checks your actual level of sun protection using an UV lens for mobile phones.

Salland Storage

Website design for a company specialized in renting out self storage solutions.


App design in which students from the same study field can connect and interchange knowledge.

Eerste Hulp Bij Eindexamen

Website design to book courses that prepare high school students for their final exams.

Universal Storage Containers (USC)

Digital monthly newsletter design with the latest news from the self storage market.

Universal Storage Containers (USC)

Website design and rebranding for European market for a producer of self storage containers

Graphic design

Deventer 1250

Children made inspirational visits to high level sustainable companies. In these banners, their stories and pictures were presented.


Banner designs for the Raalte municipality to present their environment strategy.

Sara Real Estate

Logo and website design for Sara Real Estate.

Product design

Plug and play

EPDM ‘Plug and play’ system.


A serious game to learn young designers the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principle.


Do-it-yourself kit to build your own treehouse.